Confusion-to-Conversion Blueprint

Hinly Wong
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Can't someone just quickly show me what's wrong, without me needing to invest hours and thousands into hiring a copywriter?

Well, yes, yes you can.

And I'm glad you asked.

Look, I totally get it.

Maybe you can't afford it just yet.

Maybe you just don't have the bandwidth to bring a copywriter on board.

Maybe you're on a tight deadline, and you just need a solid second opinion to get things right before launch.

Well, friend, I gotchu.

I've run copy critiques for dozens of business owners like you, across various niches.

Like Jhanel Wilson from The Savvy REI: "He put his whole heart into understanding my offer & my audience and supporting me in my launch. I love everything about the new sales page and emails! I nearly 5xed my investment in just one hour after launching, without being pushy or over-the-top in my message."

Alia Khatib, a digital marketing consultant (yep, even marketers need an extra perspective!): "I’m more confident with my message. I feel that my sales pages and social media copy now clearly state what needs to be communicated without confusion."

And David Jenyns, bestselling author of SYSTEMology: "After launching the new sales letter, the quality of our leads dramatically increased. We got better applications, and when it came time for the sales team to interview them, there was less push back for them to deal with. We've sold $70K worth of cohort seats, and we'll continue to sell even more cohorts at that level."

I've seen enough to know that even the slightest tweaks can create massive returns in your marketing.

That's why I've put this nifty little offer together.

Here's how it works:

1️⃣ You pay the small, small fee of $250 by entering your regular details to the right.

2️⃣ You fill out the form on the post-purchase portal.

3️⃣ Within the next two business days, I'll send you an in-depth Loom video walking you through exactly what I'd do to improve (or even rewrite) your copy.

4️⃣ You can then implement on your own, or find a cheaper copywriter to do the heavylifting for you (after all, they essentially have the entire strategy to work off of now).

Quick. Easy. Painless.

Here's what I can review for you:

👉 An email sequence (up to 6 emails)

👉 A long-form or short-form sales page

👉 A landing page (e.g. a signup page for your free masterclass)

👉 A single page from your website

I want this!

Confusion-to-Conversion Blueprint

0 ratings
I want this!